February 19, 2009

Those chairs to sit on

Keep your eye out -- the chairs will be displayed in public locations in Acton and surrounding towns this spring, with an online auction scheduled for April. Then on May first, there will be an on-site auction and reception at Powers Gallery in Acton.

First I unscrewed and re-upholstered the chair seat. Then I spray-painted all the wood black (removing the new seat, of course!)

Next I created the wings from fabric, inserting wire along the edges and stiffening the cloth with a hardener and some glue. Then I attached the wings and viola!

Wing Back Chair: Black Swallowtail, Papilio polyxenes

A Chair to Sit On

I've been participating in "A Chair to Sit On" -- a project of Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts http://www.hgrm.org/. This wonderful non-profit organization provides household goods free of charge to individuals and families in need. They wound up with a warehouse full of single chairs (since most people look for sets of furniture) so decided to ask artists to choose a chair and do whatever we wanted with it. I found the perfect chair for my idea...