September 22, 2011

Popham beach art 2

The beach offered lots of seaweed this year so that became the material we worked with to create our installation. The spirals led down to the high tide line, in anticipation of the water's hand in the evolution of the piece.

Slowly, each high tide broke and moved a bit of the seaweed line...
we imagine that eventually it will all be erased.

Popham Beach art 1

Rope is what caught me eye on Popham Beach, Maine this September. All colors and lengths of rope ripped from lobster pots, knotted and tangled up with large clumps of seaweed. I couldn't stop myself from collecting, then did "rope laundry", using this half-submerged log as a drying rack. A bit of art in itself....though all the rope came home with me. Eventually, there will be another incarnation.