January 30, 2012

Art from the heART

I have lots of crocheted "infinity" scarves in Valentines' colors, along with lots of fiber art, fabric pins and silk scarves. It's an extra special open studios this Saturday afternoon at Western Avenue Studios. Many of us are participating in Art from the heART. You can enter a raffle for gift certificates by visiting various artists and collecting hearts -- all while you're seeing and purchasing great art and Valentine's Day gifts. You can find me in Studio 434 -- I'd love to see you!
122 Western Avenue, Lowell, MA
www.margotstage.com for directions

January 25, 2012

Shawn's Sisters

I recently completed the latest of my "Memories in Cloth". Shawn's sisters contacted me to create a piece for each of them from the silk neckties and braces (suspenders) of their younger brother who had recently passed away. Once again I felt honored to do this kind of work, both as an artist and as a human being.

Artistically, the challenge was to create two distinct pieces from the same stash of fabrics. As a human, the challenge was to listen and hear who the person was, to translate that into a visual tribute.

Nikki and Melissa were delighted with the results, which delighted me! When Nikki came to Lowell to my studio to pick up with artworks, she said my timing was impeccable. I paused, not sure what she meant. "This is the week, one year ago, that Shawn passed away. And to receive these pieces now is just perfect." Divine timing, not mine!