March 5, 2009

Women's Weekend at Western Avenue Studios

As part of Lowell's citywide Women's Week, we're hosting lots of events this weekend (beginning Friday evening, through Sunday afternoon) at Western Avenue Studios. Full event descriptions and directions at Art demonstrations, workshops and exhibits. And my personal favorite, "Celebrating Ourselves As We Age". Anne Mulvey and I will be leading a crone celebration for women of ALL ages, to celebrate ourselves and those we love as we grow in age and wisdom! From 3-5 pm on Sunday in Studio 513. Bring yourselves, your mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to share ritual, stories and lots of laughter.

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  1. Margot,

    Congrats on your blog...nothin' like one of our children (of ours or of the universe) to spur us on! Oh...a push is soooo good sometimes!

    See 'ya 'round!

    Penny Cox